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Avila is a specialty physical therapy practice that provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment of conditions related to pelvic health, sexual health, cancer treatments, lymphedema, and pregnancy. Our therapist provides one-on-one treatment in private rooms that focus on each patient's personal health concern. We will spend time listening to you, evaluating your condition, and create an effective treatment plan to help you get the most of out of life.

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Our office will be closed for the Christmas holiday from Friday, December 23rd at 12:00 pm until Monday December 30th. We will re-open on Monday at 8:00 am. We hope you have a happy holiday season and look forward to meeting your needs in 2020!    Read More

The sixties are well known for birthing the sexual revolution, where the radical concept was raised that women also had sexual need and desires. This is the time period of the breakthrough Birth Control Pill, Playboy Magazine, and Sex and the Single Girl was published, and vibrators were beginning…   Read More