Our Practice

Since 2008, Avila Physical Therapy for Women’s Health has been Greenville's only physical therapy practice devoted to Women’s Health physical therapy. Additionally, the practice has the area’s largest selection of post-mastectomy products in a beautiful dedicated room for an ideal fitting experience.

Pelvic Pain & Dysfunction

When it comes to pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, or pelvic organ prolapse, surgery and medication may not be the best option. There are a variety of physical therapy techniques available to treat pelvic pain and other disorders. Avila’s pelvic rehabilitation specialists have received specialized training in the treatment of these conditions, such as manual techniques, biofeedback, therapeutic exercises, and other specific individualized techniques.

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

Allyson Daugherty, Practice Owner and Physical Therapist, is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist who recommends evaluation and treatment for pain management, improved range of motion, evaluation for compression garments, lymphedema education. Therapy can be initiated soon after surgery, or years afterward to help patients regain active and independent functioning, and enjoy a beautiful quality of life.

Dedicated Fitting Area

Our practice understands the importance of well-fitted post-mastectomy bras and prostheses. Our certified fitters feel strongly that every woman should be able to look and feel beautiful after breast cancer surgery. Women can be fitted immediately after surgery with lightweight products, and then at regular intervals afterwards with partial and full prostheses. Avila Physical Therapy has the area’s only fitting space designed for an exceptional fitting experience for each woman. Patients can either schedule an appointment for a fitting, or walk-in. Most insurances are accepted, and in many cases, women receive the items they need the very same day.